Friday, October 12, 2012

Dr. EFLenses App: Lenses Data Error Report Center

This is the official window to report if a lens' information is inaccurate.
Please leave the brand, model, and the data that is inaccurate down at the comment area,
and I'll making the necessary modification in the next version update!

Thanks for using my App and take the time to report these issues!


  1. Hi,
    The Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM does have Full Time Manual focusing (listed in the app as "N/A"). In fact any Ring USM based Canon lens are FTM focusing capable, including the EF-S 60mm.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for your correction. At the time I'm organizing the information of this lens, I'm not sure if it's a ring-type USM or a micro USM.

      Thanks again!

  2. The Sigma 120-300 without os is missing. This is the first 120-300

  3. Hello! Great application!

    The 'report' in 'report inaccurate info' is misspelled 'roport', same in 'report translation error'

  4. Hi canon 24-70 f 2.8 i is filter size 77